सोमवार, मंसिर १३, २०७८ | Monday 29th November 2021

Zoo construction on anvil for tourism promotion

A zoo construction is in sight to promote tourism in Khorthali community forest area of Bhimeswor municipality-6 in tourism district, Dolakha. The municipality has come up with the plan to construct zoo so as to develop Dolakha as a tourism destination. Stretched over the area of 96 ropanis land, the zoo is to be constructed to preserve ecosystem, protect reproductive and genetic sources of the wildlife and help keep environmental balance. It is expected that the zoo construction will not only contribute to the development of the municipality but also help prosper tourism enterprises of Dolakha.

A master plan for the zoo has also been formulated. Bharat KC, municipality mayor, said besides master plan detailed project report (DPR) has also been prepared to build doors, wall and observatory sites for the purpose. Children Park will also be constructed in the zoo area. Arrangement will be made to observe wildlife and other scenic site of the zoo both on foot and by vehicle. Wildlife that can easily survive in the altitude from 2,000 to 2,500 metres will be kept in the zoo.

Mayor KC further shared that the zoo will be constructed in such a way that wild lives can freely move and show up their acts in the open space. The municipality has appropriated Rs 3 million to initiate the construction of zoo in the fiscal year 2076/77 BS. He informed that the municipality has mooted a plan to bring additional budget for zoo in coordination with state government and central government. Budget Rs 156 million is estimated for the complete construction of the zoo, KC said.


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