आइतवार, कार्तिक ७, २०७८ | Sunday 24th October 2021

Nepali national killed in attack in Libya

A Nepali national, who was on his way to European country Italy, was killed in war-torn African country Libya.
Santosh Shrestha, who was happened to be there on a case of human trafficking, was killed in attack, Cairo -based Nepali Embassy quoted International Organization of Migration based in Tripoli as saying. Beside Shrestha, several refugees and immigrants have been so far killed in the attack.

The attack was launched on July 1 and further details on Nepali national killed during the attack have not yet obtained, the Embassy told. It may be noted that IOM had sent a letter to the Nepali Embassy to furnish travel documents of Shrestha two days ago to rescue him from Tripoli and return to Nepal.

Earlier, eight Nepalis were rescued from the embattled area and taken back to Nepal. Six Nepali are still taking shelter in the camp of IOM in Tripoli and efforts are underway to bring them back to home at the earliest possible, stated a press release issued by the embassy today. The embassy said it has been in constant coordination with Nepali Peacekeepers in Tripoli to carry out necessary rescue works.


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