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Parliament elections in South Korea amid fears of a coronavirus

SEOUL, April 15- A parliamentary election has been held in South Korea Wednesday amid fears of a coronavirus epidemic. In the polling stations, the common voters were present wearing masks while maintaining social distance. The government had decided not to hold the election despite pressure for President Moon Jae-in to postpone this parliamentary election, which was viewed as a mid-term referendum.

Although Korean voters are divided on ideological, racial beliefs and regionalism, the recent electoral surveys have shown that President Moon and his liberal party can win a clear majority. In particular, although coronavirus has been the most affected in China, Europe and North American countries, the corona test adopted by Korea and the quarantine style of quarantine have found increased popularity among the public.

“We’re in a difficult position right now, but coronavirus and politics are two different things,” said Lee Kum, a 7-year-old who met at Seoul’s polling station. Chung Yun-yong, a 7-year-old resident of Seoul, said he arrived at the polling station at 7am to avoid having to sit in a long line at the polling station.

“I’m very worried about the coronavirus,” he said. “The authorities measured my body temperature and gave the globes. But here it is not as distressing as I thought. ” Long lines in government offices and schools in polling stations looked like snakes. A large number of people have participated in this election.

Government officials sent a message urging qualified voters and volunteers of around 3,000 Corona infected people to stay in solitary confinement (Quarantine) before mobile. Persons with no fever or difficulty in breathing have been informed that they can come to the polling station from 8 pm to 5 pm. For other people, no arrangements have been made for voting after 1 pm.

An arrangement has been made to monitor the voters in Quarantine with the help of tracking apps or bring them to the polling station with another person. Election officials have said that such voters will be kept within 5 meters of each other. It is planned that those who are in the polls will wear protective clothing and clean the polling site after each voter has cast their vote.

Those who are treated at the hospital will be able to vote by post. About 3 ordinary sick people have already voted in the morning from a temporary shelter. South Korea has seen more than 1,949 coronavirus infections and three have died. In recent weeks, the number of newly infected people is decreasing. But there is a high risk of spreading a coronary infection in Seoul, which is very dense, officials say.

South Korea’s six-member parliament is held every four years. Three of the four parliamentary districts are directly elected, while the remaining six are in proportionate representation. Although dozens of party candidates are in the fray, President Moon Jae-in’s ruling Democratic Party and the main opposition United Future Party appear to be primarily competing. -AP


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